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We are 42Bruton, the go-to PR and content agency for building and scaling your brand, service, CEO and leadership team – directly to the people who make a difference in your world.

Over the years, we have spent a very long time absorbed in how the “best” of the rest shape strategies and execution plans. We’ve taken all the clever bits with us, removed the costly and annoying agency traditions, added our not-so-secret sauce and cut straight to the good stuff: tier-one coverage, relentless media exposure and a brand that looks, feels, sounds and reads like the main player.

Crafted by the clever people in our London and Miami offices, we swiftly develop sharp, intelligent, KPI-stacked strategies which make our CEOs feel proud to google their businesses. Whether the aim of the PR game is to gain the nod of valuable industry acclaim, investor traction, or a critical mass of customer acquisition, we’re seasoned professionals in the formula of building powerful profiles. Behind our portfolio of sector-agnostic clients - ranging from VC firms and consultancies to healthcare and leading consumer lifestyle brands - is a bedrock of coverage and content that is simply unrivalled.

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