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Oury Clark

Oury Clark

More than Lawyers and Accountants. Oury Clark makes your life simpler by having all of the professional services that you need under one roof.

We’ve been helping businesses, families and individuals with their tax, legal and financial affairs for over 85 years. We provide a flexible combination of professional services. Our team work together as a family to cut through the jargon to present simplified, straightforward advice across:

• International expansion
• Corporate Set-Up
• Visas, People, HR & Benefits
• Commercial Property
• Intellectual Property
• Corporate Finance & Raising Money
• Corporate Reporting
• Tax
• Financial, Bookkeeping & Accounting Software
• Financial & Accountancy Outsourcing Services

We’re also able to help you do business around the world by introducing you to our Firm Friends - a global network of like-minded professionals. We have been working with entrepreneurs and business owners around the world for years. We are particularly strong in:
• Australia
• New Zealand
• Canada
• Iceland
• Norway
• Europe

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