25 - 26
MAY 2022
DAY ONE 09.30-17.00
DAY TWO 09.30-16.00

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Countingup is the award-winning business current account built for and used by over 40,000, self-employed people across the UK.

The app uniquely offers both a business account and accounting software in one app. It means that you can create and send invoices in a couple of taps, get live cash flow insights on the go, tax estimates, digital expense management and more.

All of this means you can save both time and money, and focus on growing your business.

We also have thousands of accounting partners who love our product with our clear insights and easy to use functionality - taking the pain away from submitting accounts and tax filings.

It takes just minutes to sign up with the app. Start your 3 month free trial today!

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