25 - 26
MAY 2022
DAY ONE 09.30-17.00
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eBay was the first online marketplace.

Today, it’s a household name. A regular feature in lists of best loved brands, it connects millions of buyers and sellers, helping customers to find the item they’re looking for from its 1.5 billion listings. With 152 million active buyers in 190 markets, trade is fast. The UK website sells a car part every second, and with the aid of the authenticity guarantee programme, a sneaker is purchased every 4 seconds.

This incredible interest directly benefits the small businesses who trade on eBay, giving them access to an audience once unthinkable for a small shop on the high street. Throughout its history, eBay has helped many thousands of small businesses to succeed. Small British firms regularly rank in the top five grossing sellers on eBay.co.uk’s biggest trading days like Black Friday, and thousands British sellers who started with a shop on eBay are now running million pound businesses, providing jobs to people in their communities.

SME XPO visitor offer - visit stand for details:
* Only 5% final value fee for 3-months for new sellers to eBay who sign up at SME XPO, a discount of up to 50%
* Free 1-2-1 support from a marketplace advisor for these sellers to StartUp and ScaleUp on eBay

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